Feasibility and Schematic Design: We provide overall cost estimates, advice on technical aspects and associated risks concerning the feasibility of projects. This information is always based on the client’s specifications and requirements, and enables us to provide clients with complete confidence in the soundness and economic viability of projects. We produce Bills of Quantities comprising the list of items of work which are required for the project. The Bills also provide a measure of the extent of work and this allows the work to be priced.

Detailed Design and Appraisal: EDS’s reputation as a reliable supplier with the ability to handle major projects is well documented. We ensure that each solution we provide is tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements. Every project we undertake is rigorously justified and supplied with detailed and accurate design calculations as well as detailed drawings and specifications reflecting every stage of the project. We use internationally recognised analysis and design software to deliver the finest design solutions.

Static, Dynamic and Finite Element Analysis: Our software capabilities and experienced designers enable us to provide advanced structural analysis. We are particularly experienced in carrying out non-linear analysis. EDS is vastly experienced in providing material and geometrical non-linearity analysis.

We are also capable of carrying out finite element analysis ranging from simple linear stress analysis to complex non-linear and dynamic analysis. EDS also provides 2D and 3D analysis of solid elements (such as, beams, trusses and shells).

Design, Inspection and Structural Reports for Building Projects: To meet clients’ upcoming requirements we can provide a complete service from inspection and measurements to completion. This includes outline design, planning permission drawings, 3-D animation and submission of planning permission application. We can extend our services to produce detailed design, Building Control, Bills of Quantities, tender administration, site supervision and construction management of the project.

Project Management:  Projects are often complex affairs requiring efficient planning, organisation and time management. EDS applies its superior technical expertise in offering this service. EDS oversees the planning, co-ordination and control functions of a project from inception to completion. Our goal is to meet our client’s requirements for a well-engineered and financially viable project, making sure it is completed on time, to a high quality standard and within budget.

Tower Asset Management: Our Asset Management Service provides a holistic approach to the design, detail and construction of towers. This provides clients with the ability to realise effective strategies for maximising their assets whilst meeting their financial objectives. Essentially, our service provides engineers and clients with strategies for addressing potential problems in advance, thus providing cost and programme certainty on projects.

Click here to view case studies providing a more detailed picture of our Asset Management Service.

Site Survey, Inspection and Antenna Audit: We specialise in undertaking structural surveys and antenna audits on all types of structures, in particular telecommunications and over head line transmission towers and masts. Our surveys are extremely thorough and can address any queries or questions you may have regarding the condition of the structure.  We have a team of engineers that hold qualifications for both Tower climbing, rescue & RF awareness as well as roof safety, access & RF awareness, and so can carry out most projects from start to finish.

In the absence of technical drawings we can carry out full geometrical survey for measurements, section sizes and connection details enabling our engineering department to produce an accurate model for database or design assessment if required.

Custom Design and Compliance Certification: With over 25 years’ experience of providing custom solutions for our clients in the field of masts and towers industry we are ideally placed to help you progress your design to your specification. We can guide you and look after the whole project from design to delivery.

Our design and detailing division is equally at home with small or large projects. We can cost effectively design and build your structures, with the attention to detail that you would put into it, if you were doing the job yourself. We guarantee that structures designed by our engineers will be in full compliance with your specification.

Through the application of innovative, combined with sound established engineering knowledge, we apply our skill to design appraisal of existing structures for compliance with current Standards. We apply the same measures and observance to the checking, assessment and investigation work to ensure they safely sustain the forces to which they are subjected. Design Compliance Certificates are issued if structures are fit for purpose or after upgrading where strengthening is required.

Planning and Fabrication Drawings: We are highly skilled in drafting, fabrication detailing of steel structures and construction drawings using AutoCAD. We can produce drawings either from your own outline ideas, or from architects’ specifications, or from our design.

Material Procurement and Fabrication: We produce detailed shop bills comprising lists of all items and relevant steel grades required to complete fabrication. Material certificates are always checked and approved prior to commencement of fabrication for full compliance with technical specification and traceability.

Our knowledge of steelworks fabrication to British, European and other internationally recognised Standards combined with quality specialist manufacturers in the UK and Europe, gives us the capability to supply steelworks in accordance with design and clients’ requirements.

We are able to carry out full trial assembly of structures before and after galvanising to ensure perfect fit. Hot dip galvanising in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461 is the finishing process of our products, which gives excellent corrosion protection to steel.

Tower Installation and Foundation Construction: We are able to utilize professional and qualified construction crew fully equipped with all necessary plant and equipment for complete construction of foundations and erection of masts and towers as well as installation of microwave links, antenna equipment, testing and commissioning.

Latchways Installation and Inspection: We have fully qualified engineers who are able to install a new Latchways system or replace an old fall arrest system.  We can also certify existing systems that are currently out of date or have no records.  We could also combine this service with Tower Surveys, Antenna Audits or as part of the Tower Installation.