At EDS Consultancy (EDS), we have a mission to be the UK and Irelands most respected and leading tower, mast and monopole designer and supplier.  To achieve our mission we aim to supply products and services that far exceed our client’s expectations and suit their specifications, while at the same time remaining extremely competitive and providing superior quality products for their budget.  We attempt where possible to use local and ethically sourced materials of the highest quality possible preferably including reused or recycled components.

To assist in achieving our mission at EDS we are striving to develop and constantly improve a Centre of Excellence.  Drawing on over 40 years of experience in the industry and keeping the companies ethos in mind of ‘Adapt, Evolve and Advance – Through Training, Trying and Teaching everything is possible!’  Our Centre of Excellence aims to be as knowledgeable as possible about a broad variety of topics, thus enabling our engineers to be able to consider design in relation to specifications, cost, health & safety and construction.  The ultimate outcome of this resulting in the best product possible for our clients, which can be constructed simply and safely, at the lowest possible price without compromising quality.  At EDS we feel the culture that is bred into the Centre of Excellence of training and development, greatly benefits our clients’ and aides in the achievement of our goals.

At EDS Consultancy we pride ourselves on:

  • Providing simple straightforward advice without unnecessary jargon.
  • Customer focused products to suit their specification and budget.
  • Experienced engineers that are accessible to respond quickly and directly to queries.
  • Maintaining a highly skilled and capable workforce for all tasks required.
  • Encouraging all our employees’ to attend and seek out training and learning opportunities.
  • A culture of collaboration with open free discussion on all business matters not just design.
  • Having a multi skilled and diverse team such as design engineers having climbing experience.
  • Utilising the latest software, design techniques and industry standards to meet a clients’ needs.
  • Working with our partners and suppliers to provide quality and ethical products.